Sunday, June 29, 2014

Door Sign - Craft

Helped a friend get her craft groove kick started. We went shopping together a while back to grab basic supplies. We both topped up on what was needed from our own collection of 'things' at home.

The request was a door sign for a 1 yr old girls room, but not too girly; they are not really into pink. And the budget was minimal which is why we used as many items from our own supply as we could.

We cut the animals out of off cuts from the wallpaper that already decorates the little girls room. The letters of her name were cut with the Cricut, from complementary scrapbooking paper. All paint is Kaisercraft.

This is a good example of how great a basic low budget craft project can be.

As long as you take the time to plan and work on layers you can create something really great. 

Allowing for layers & paints to dry, including Dimensional Magic, we probably could have knocked this sign out in 2-3 days; but working around 2 households of kids & hubby's & all the others chores & demands that come with  our role as Mummies, it took us about a month.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enjoy the Little Things

My husband & I have been married 10 years in August & I have only just recently been able to see my Mother in Law more regularly. 

We've made two trips to the NT to see her & she has made 3 trips to see us, until recently. At Christmas we went down to be with my husbands family & received a surprise visit from my MIL. That made two visits in less than 12 months.

She's now living in Perth & plans to stay with us regularly.

You may wonder at my excitement, and it is for me, I love my MIL and enjoy spending time with her, but it's for my children I am most excited.

When my Oma died in 1998 that visit to see her was going to be the 3rd time I had met her. I was 22 and I didn't even know if she would still be alive by the time we arrived from West coast to East.

We got to spend some time with her, my mother, brother, daughter & I. She spoke about things that were on her heart; the younger generation, her fears the world hadn't really learned from both World Wars...and then she passed away, 2 of her 3 daughters with her.

I had experienced a similar limited relationship with my Fathers Mother until I moved down to Perth when my eldest daughter was still an infant. She only lived an hours drive from me and I loved putting Lyssa in my car & taking her to visit Nana Campbell. 

But I only spent two years in Perth before moving North again. When I made rare travels to Perth I still went to visit but eventually those petered out due to her health. My Nana Campbell lived to be 97. She outlived my own 75 year old Father by just 3 months. But none of us had seen her in years as she had dementia & visiting her was upsetting for my dad & his family. 

I have a very special picture of my Miss 9 who was then just a baby. We drove down especially see Nana Campbell as we were told she would pass soon. She didn't know us, or the baby, but chatted happily & held her great grand daughter while we took photos, & I held her frail arm and prayed for her. She lived another 5 years. :-)

My children have been very fortunate that they have grown up with Grandparents living in the same town. Miss Almost 21 had 15 quality years with her Nan & Gramps before Gramps sadly passed away. The rest of the kids didn't get so much time, but they made the most of it and I certainly cherished it. 2 little grand daughters missed out. 

This is why I am so excited about my MIL being around more often. It's her time to be with the Grandkids, enjoy their company & let them get to know her. But it's also the younger children's time to learn what a wonderful relationship can be had now, to be cherished in later years :-)

My children won't just share stories they've heard of their Mad Nana, they will KNOW them & it will be THEIR children who will hear the stories.

Memory Lane, Craft Style

When I first started making photo gifts for the Grandparents, and other people, I didn't think to take any pictures & even if I did it wasn't as easy to share them back then, just a few short years ago.

In fact the last time we went to Mad Nanas house I looked at her display of items I'd made & realised I'd forgotten making most of them until I saw them again!

So when my MIL came up recently for a visit she brought back the first photo gift I ever made for her, as it needed some repairs, and I had the unique opportunity to revisit it, repair it & take pictures of it.

My skill has advanced a long way & the children in the frames are getting bigger, but the sentiment remains the same :-)

I'd say this item is from around 2006-07 approx; possibly earlier...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cheaters Pennant Banner ;-)

It possibly may have been cheaper to make a banner from scratch but I needed one in a hurry!

On my mad dash into Spotlight for party supplies last week I vaguely remembered seeing a plain white premade canvas banner. I think the idea was to paint the canvas but my idea was to cut triangles of my chosen materials & stitch them to the canvas bunting. 

So as the party got closer and I still had NOTHING I dashed back to Spotlight & grabbed some. Good thing I waited because it had been $10 for a pack of six canvas triangles & their string the first time, but I got them on sale a week later, $6 a pack :-) 

These are my triangles ready to go. Below shows what they looked like one they were stitched to the canvas.

They required a little bit of trimming around the edges & once they were threaded I had to place one line of stitching across the top of each triangle to stop the material from flopping around once the banner was hung.

Finished and ready to go!

Hanging up at the party! 

Only took me a couple of hours; gotta be happy with THAT!! :-D